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Federal F300BMSR2 Fusion MSR .300 AAC Blackout/Whisper(7.62X35mm) 150 GR Soft Point - 20 Rounds

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UPC: 604544624113
MFG Part #: F300BMSR2
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The modern sporting rifle isn't just some gun. It's a highly adapted hunting machine, and it needs ammunition that's just as customized: Fusion MSR. From primer to projectile, virtually every component is optimized for use in modern sporting rifles and peak ballistic performance through short barrels.


Brand: Federal
Bullet Type: SP
Cartridge: .300 AAC Blackout/Whisper
Material: Lead
Total Round Count: 20
Application: Hunting/Target
Boxes Per Case: 10
Brand: Federal
Bullet Type: Soft Point
Caliber: 300 AAC Blackout/Whisper (7.62X35mm)
Coefficient: .330
Item Model: Fusion MSR
Muzzle Energy: 1203 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 1900 fps
Purpose: Hunting/Target
Rounds Per Box: 20
Series: Medium Game
Unit of Measure: BX
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