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Cor-Bon SD09115 SELF DEFENSE 9mm +P Jacketed Hollow Point 115 GR 20 Rounds

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MFG Part #: SD09115
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Cor-Bon's tried and tested Jacketed Hollowpoint ammunition provides reliable penetration and expansion. This is achieved through high velocity and using exclusively designed components. The faster a bullet is traveling, the more energy is created. Energy developed at the muzzle must be transferred or "dumped" into the target to be effective. Energy transfer is aided by bullet expansion. The higher the velocity, the more rapidly the expansion, the more effectively the energy is expended into the target. This explosive expansion dumps the available energy quickly, creating tremendous shocking power, and causes immediate Stopping Power! Stopping Power means Safety! Don't be misguided by those who claim that their products have some magical or mystical performance advantage or that they can make a reduced power load with increased performance. Cor-Bon believes it isn't possible!


Brand: Corbon
Bullet Type: JHP
Cartridge: 9mm
Material: Lead
Total Round Count: 20
Application: Performance/Protection
Boxes Per Case: 25
Brand: Cor-Bon
Bullet Type: Jacketed Hollow Point
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Item Model: Self Defense
Model: Self Defense
Muzzle Energy: 466 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 1350 fps
Purpose: Personal Protection/Target
Rating: +P
Rounds Per Box: 20
Series: Jacketed Hollow Point
Unit of Measure: BX
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