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Texas Black Rifle Co. Billet 1911 E Grip Black

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Designed by TBRCi C.E.O. John Harrington, who is a long time instructor and pro shooter. "When shooting my 1911 with a 2 handed grip, I always felt like I wasn't getting as much contact with the firearm as I could due to the space caused by the three fingers on my shooting hand keeping my support hand held off of the grip. I tried different grips and finally, since no one made what I wanted, I did. It's the TBRCi 1911 e-Grip set. I'll never forget how great it felt that first time I held it, mainly because it still feels that great every time I hold it. This isn't some improvement for the sake of being different. If it doesn't do the same for you and if you don't agree these are the best 1911 grips out on the market, I'll give you your money back." - JWH -CNC Machined, 6061 Aluminum -Type III Hard Coat anodized . -Fits most full size 1911's. Warranty by TBRCi.


Brand: Texas Black Rifle Company
Type: Grip Panel
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