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Thermacell MRBJE Brown Repellent Dispenser Butane & Earth Scent Mats

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Thermacell's Repellent Appliance keeps hunters mosquito-free with scent cover in a 15x15 ft. comfort zone. Lightweight and ergonomic, the unit measures 8" long and weighs about 7 oz. with a full butane cartridge. Palm-fitting grasp ensures easy transport and use. A quiet on/off button won't disturb wildlife. Repellent mats with Earth scent emit allethrin and the smell of musky dirt and decaying leaves to repel mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies and flying insects while masking human odors. Each mat is effective for up to four hours. Each butane cartridge will operate the unit for up to 12 hours. Use may be divided. Package includes appliance, one butane cartridge and three repellent mats with Earth scent.


Brand: Thermacell
Type: Insect Repellent
Brand: Thermacell
Color: Brown
Contains: Allethrin
Dispenser Type: Heat Vapor
Effective Distance: 15x15 ft
Effective Time: Up to 12 hrs
Heat Type: Butane
Item Model: Repellant Appliance
Material: Plastic
Model: Repellant Appliance
Purpose: Repel Mosquitos
Quantity: 1 Appliance/1 Butane/3 Mats
Scent Type: Earth
Series: with Earth Scent
Species: Mosquito, Black Fly, No-See-Ums
Type: Repellent Dispenser
Unit of Measure: EA
UV Protection: None
Wick Capacity: 4 hrs per Mat
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