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Ready to take your clay shooting game to the next level? Join our league play and stack your skills against some of the best shooters in Fort Worth. New to the sport or more of a casual shooter? No problem. Our Lewis Class handicap scoring system will ensure fun competition for everyone who competes. League play is one of the best ways to build your skills and become a better clay shooter. Most leagues end with an awards ceremony, food and prizes. We host several seasonal leagues per year and we’d love for you to join us. Contact us today for information on the next league signup period.


A minimum of 4 shooters per team is required to make a team and a maximum of 6 shooters.  Team scores will take the highest 4 shooters including handicap for the weekly total.  Team rosters must be determined prior to the end of the first week.  Individual shooters will be grouped together to create a team.  Shooters can only compete for one team per league.


Handicaps are calculated by using the shooter’s weekly score, then subtracting it from “par”, which is 45 and multiplying the difference times .70 (70%) Example:  If a shooter’s score is 30 the equation is 45-30=15 x .70 = 10.5.  the product (in the example 10.5) will be added to the shooter’s score.  Handicaps adjusted each week.  Maximum score with handicap is 45.

Weather and Make Up Rounds:

If a week of League is missed, you can make it up the following week. If you have to miss multiple weeks and make up 2 or more at once, you won’t be eligible for awards, but you can still shoot your targets. Out of fairness, we ask that make up rounds are made up within 7 days of the scheduled week.

    Upcoming Leagues

    Summer League starts June 5th! Sign Up Today!
    Spring League has concluded. Thank you to all our Shooters!
    Polar Bear League has concluded. Thank you to all our Shooters!

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