NSCA Tournaments

2024 NSCA Tournament Schedule

NSCA Tournaments at Clay Sports Ranch

Defender Outdoors hosts 8-10 NSCA Tournaments each year. Each of our themed shoots features challenging targets set by Clay Sports Ranch President Travis Mears and Course Director Gary Madigan. Each NSCA Tournament features 4-7 individual events you can compete in.

At all of our tournaments, we provide lunch for all shooters who enter the main event. Options are available for each shoot and we award money back to class in each event. Our sporting clay tournaments are available on Winscore Online for registration before the event.

Even if you’re new to NSCA or TSCA tournament, Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch is a great place to enjoy a fun and challenging shoot that will help you on your way to master class!

Upcoming Tournaments

Our Next NSCA Tournament is the Ranch Buckle Championship on March 16th and 17th!
Out West Open was held on on February 2nd and 3rd.
Snowing Clays was held on January 6th, 2024.

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Previous Tournament Results

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