December 7, 20248am - 5pm2 days
Age: 18 and over
$550.00per person

Incredible opportunity to train with John Holschen!

Marksmanship and gun-handing are important foundational skills for armed self-defense. It is however, a common opinion among people with multiple exposures to lethal encounters that these skills are not the most significant predictor of successful outcomes. This class will focus on the rest of the story. Specifically, we will work to increase your abilities and effectiveness in the critical areas of mental preparation, decision making, tactics and the appropriate application of deadly force.

Mental models to prepare for relevant decisive action.

–   A systematic approach to potential encounters.
–   Assessment/appreciation of the physical environment.
–   Immediate action drills.

Optimized application of physical skill sets.

–   Use of movement.
–   Use of cover/concealment.
–   Hitting moving threats.

Multiple live-fire repetitions of a streamlined action cycle consisting of:

–   Flash assessment of relevant factors.
–   Decisive performance of appropriate skills.
–   Continual assessment and monitoring.
–   Modification of physical response as appropriate.
–   After incident management.

We will make extensive use of the “Building Shooters NURO Shooting System” to train both the neural circuitry and the physical actions relevant to self-defense situations. During this class you will repetitively exercise your visual system, tactically relevant information processing system and physical skills to ingrain optimized patterns of performance for use-of-force encounters.

This is not an entry level class. All students must be able to reflexively present their firearm at speed, from a holster, without flagging themselves and re-holster with the same constraint. We will not have time in class to conduct remediation in this area. Observed safety issues will result in the student either being asked to leave the class without a refund or continue with a “Blue Gun.” If this causes you concern, please do not sign up for this class.

Equipment Needed:


Most drills do not have a specific number of rounds fired. Ammo usage will be dependent on the student’s speed of perception, reaction, and firing. 500 rounds will be sufficient for most shooters; but if you believe that you shoot (and think) significantly faster than the average shooter, feel free to bring more.

Firearm and Support Gear

  • This class is oriented to self-defense related skills. You should use your every-day-carry firearm and equipment including concealment garments (You must however work from a holster positioned at or near your belt line.)
  • Law enforcement and military students may choose either on-duty firearm/equipment or off-duty/concealment firearm and equipment.
  • “Serpa” type holsters or any holster that requires use of the trigger finger to release the firearm are not allowed.
  • Holsters that do not retain their shape when the gun is withdrawn are not allowed.
  • If you have any doubt about your equipment, please contact me in advance to discuss it.

Additional Equipment

  • Eye and ear protection
  • A hat with a bill (ballcap)
  • Hydration and snacks

“This past Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Applied Defensive Handgun Skills course instructed by John Holschen. For those of you who are looking to improve your skills, I have to say that Mr John Holschen is the man to see. He has an unbelievable amount of knowledge. He and his staff put on an excellent course. We used the “Building Shooters NURO Shooting System” to train both the neural circuitry and the physical actions relevant to self-defense situations. I would say “eye opening” but that would be an understatement.” – Eric M.


John has many years of service in the U.S. Special Operations community as an operator and a trainer. As a civilian trainer he has worked to convert his specialized skills in the areas of weapons and combative techniques into useful defensive curricula for private citizens. He is certified as a Firearms Instructor by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, the United States Department of State, and the National Rifle Association.

The American Tactical Shooters Association has recognized John as a “Master Instructor” and “Master Tactician”. He is a multi-time winner of the “National Tactical Invitational” and placed in the top five finishers in that event each year he participated (9 times.)

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