July 31, 20246:00pm-8:00pmMonthly
Open to the public!Age: 21 & older

Interested in competition but don’t know where to start? This League is for you!

Open to the public and all skill levels! Join us for our fun and competitive ASLW (All Skill Levels Welcome) league where you can shoot and socialize with your fellow Defenders.

League starts July 31st and runs through November with a final shootout in December. League nights will be two Wednesday’s a month from 6pm-8pm. You will only be shooting in one of the two nights per month.  This will allow everyone to participate each month.  The same runs will be done on each night and will change each month.

Targets are USPSA style carboard targets and the courses of fire will include: shooting while moving, decisive target engagement and other dynamic skills.

This is a very unique league that we intentionally designed to encourage all skill levels to compete.  You are NEVER too new to win!


Where can I see the Leaderboard?
Leaders will be posted on the TV screens in the storeafter the targets are scored on Mondays.

Am I shooting on a team?
Not this time! Team leagues coming soon!

Is there more than one division?
Not yet. As the league grows we may open it up to different divisions. This is a all skill levels welcome league and you may shoot whatever handgun you choose, iron sights or optics.

Does it matter what caliber gun I use?
Any centerfire handgun. It does not need to be the same each time

How do I win?
We use hit factor scoring. Total points divided by total time determines your hit factor. Your highest scoring run will be used for the leaderboard.

What if this is my first competition?
Congratulations and welcome!  Once you register you will be sent an email with a pdf document you must digitally sign before being allowed to compete. This document contains all the rules and procedures for the competition.

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