May 23, 20249:00am - 5:00pm1 Day Course
Age: 18 & older
$300.00per person (includes t-shirt)

Join Special Guest Trainer, Louann Hamblin of Louka Tactical!

The purpose of this workshop is to improve close quarter pistol battling (CQB) performance through minimal classroom and maximum range time. This class is designed to improve concealed pistol carrier’s close quarter defensive pistol fighting skills. Participants will review case studies, explore body platform positioning, movement and space clearing (inside the reach zone) fighting to the gun, striking techniques, relative shooting positions, weapon management and retention, and carry/draw recognition. *This is an advanced level course.


  • Proof of previous drawing from a holster training
  • 250-300 rounds of ammunition
  • Outside or inside the waistband holster
  • Valid concealed weapons permit
  • Physically able to move with a handgun with both 1 and 2-handed shooting positions safely
  • Able to stand unsupported from a seated position
  • Closed toe shoes, wrap around eye and ear protection, brimmed hat

***Bagged lunch, water source and simple carbohydrate are highly recommended

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