March 13, 20219:00am-4:00pm2 days
Train with the best experts in the industryAge: 21 & older
$550per person

Special Guest Instructors Benny Glossop & Dave “Boon” Benton

This course is designed to improve your ability to draw from concealment safely and to consistently engage threats in a tactically sound and legal manner. The course also covers managing unknown contacts, surviving the ambush, and fighting to a position of advantage utilizing integrated combatives techniques in a weapons based environment. Students should leave this course with more confidence in drawing a concealed weapon and have a better understanding of managing unknown contacts in a weapons based environment, and a certificate of completion.

Students should bring water and food for hydration and lunch. Lunch will run 30-45 minutes, both days.


•Pistol safety and handling
•Concealed carry concepts
•Combative draw stroke from concealment
•Fundamentals of defensive marksmanship
•Close range engagement and retention
•Striking techniques in a WBE
•Stand up grappling in a WBE
•Grounded grappling in a WBE
•Terminal ballistics
•Proper use of cover, concealment, and deflection
•Slide block and tackle reloads from concealment
•Primary and support and shooting and manipulations
•Shooting on the move
•Justifiable use of deadly force
•Mindset and Awareness


•Eye & ear protection
•Service pistol of at least 9MM
•350 rounds of training ammo (ammo available for purchase)
•IWB or OWB concealment holster that stays open after drawing. NO NYLON HOLSTERS!
•Open or Closed concealment garment
•3 magazines minimum
•Ability to carry at least one magazine on your person concealed

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