October 4, 20196:00pm-8:00pm
Not a beginner classAge: 21 & older
$125 person

Hone your defensive skills in a safe, interactive environment

Defensive Pistol I is the continuation of the License to Carry course that all concealed carriers should take. This course focuses on the next steps of your self-defense capabilities by teaching students drawing from holster techniques, situational awareness and assessing threats as well as reloading and malfunction techniques.

A good working proficiency with your firearm is a must to begin the Defensive Pistol Series. Handgun Fundamentals or License to Carry classes recommended.

Equipment Needed: Pistol & Holster, Sturdy Belt, 2-3 Magazines, Eye & Ear Protection
150 Rounds of Ammunition

What’s included:

  • Gun & holster (if needed)
  • Necessary Targets
  • Personal Protection Equipment (if needed)
  • Classroom and Range Fees
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