October 7, 20239:00am-4:00pm each day2 Day Course
Age: 18 & older
$400per person

Join Elite Special Guest Steve Tarani for this incredible opportunity

In this outstanding course you have an opportunity to learn from a master in edged weapons and personal defense.

Learn how to defend against an edged weapon attack if you carry a firearm. This program answers the questions: What can I do to defend against an assailant who is attacking me with an edged weapon, and I can’t get to my firearm in time? What can I do in those precious few seconds when I’m reacting to a surprise attack, while trying to get to my gun? What if I’m taken off guard and with nothing in my hands – how can I defend myself and/ or my partner from a life-threatening edged weapon assault? What’s the very best way to make combat effective round placement in the shortest amount of time with my handgun at close quarters?

This is NOT a live fire class.

There is no prerequisite for this course. If you carry a handgun and want to incorporate your defensive handgun skills into this professional program of instruction then please bring your blue/ red gun (inert non-firing replica for example: SIRT, AirSoft, etc., OK) and matching OWB/ IWB holster with which you can run either open or concealed carry.

Steve Tarani is a former CIA employee, Protective Programs Defensive Tactics subject matter expert and world-class educator. See Steve’s full bio here.

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