July 29, 20239:00am-5:00pm each day2 Day Course
Age: 18 & older
$500.00per person

Join Special Guest Trainer, Adam Winch of Defenders USA, for this unique opportunity!

This Fighting Handgun Concepts: Speed, Accuracy, Movement, Unconventional Positions & Defending Others is a two day training course intended for those who are already safe, proficient handgun handlers and shooters.
This is not a beginners course and is intended for those who are ready to move beyond basic shooting to build a fast, efficient draw stroke, put one to multiple rounds on target with either acceptable or precise accuracy at speed while maintaining accuracy, and ultimately be able to do so under the movements common to defensive gun uses.

Beyond helping grow each person’s individual shooting skills, the primary goal of this training course is to help prepare those who might have to defend and fight for life itself when compromised positions and situations.
This is not a course where each shooter stands static in one position with a perfect stance while shooting at immobile targets Therefore, by the afternoon of the first day, movement will be introduced, often in close quarters to others.
This is a fighting handgun course that comes directly from personal experience of being involved in multiple deadly force incidents and having witnessed many others.

The topics will cover areas to include: impacts in relation to height over bore and bullet trajectory at varying distances, extreme precision shooting, acceptable accuracy, learning and growing realistic fight speeds when shooting, shooting on the move and building to the explosive movements needed in fights, shooting from unconventional positions and moving up and down and at all points of the compass while safely handling a handgun, shooting in defense of others, moving, controlling and/or shielding others while using a handgun, close contact shooting, gun handling and engaging threats in close quarters with others nearby, decisional engagements, and more.

The Saturday will start with precision to extreme precision shooting, then into building an efficient draw stroke with accuracy and recoil management, finding and stretching each attendees personal limits based on abilities. Movement and shooting will be introduced both at distance and up close to targets and in close quarters with others.

Sunday will expand on the work of Saturday, involving ground work, dealing with others, and more, such as is listed above.

This is a moderately physical course and, using the training involved, attendees need to be able to move up and down off the ground and from varying awkward positions multiple times while safely handling a loaded firearm and working through situations that will carefully grow in complexity.

This will be a thoughtful, safe approach in training, allowing everyone attending to safely experiment and work through the entire course, and grow an understanding of how dynamic a fight really is, and how to use their bodies and firearms to best defend themselves and those they love if unfortunately ever in the worst case scenario.

Needed items:
Handgun (or more in case the primary handgun goes down)
Reliable, quality holster & three magazines
(***Note on holsters: NO Serpa or similar holsters, NO purse holsters, NO pocket holsters, NO bra or cross draw holsters, NO ankle holsters, NO floppy or soft nylon holsters, etc.)
At least 800 rounds of ammo but feel free to bring more.
Handgun cleaning supplies (you and your weapon will be getting dirty)
Eye & ear protection
Any wanted snacks & non-alcoholic beverages
A brimmed hat

Optional Items:
A durable mat for ground work
A camping type chair (one that that can take a small amount of abuse)

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