March 6, 202210:00am-2:00pm
Firearm rentals availableAge: 21 & older
$150 person

Ladies Only Basics and Beyond

This class is designed for the new or beginner level student who wishes to become more confident and comfortable with their firearm in a safe and fun environment.  Basic handgun fundamentals will be taught from a female perspective by female firearms instructors who know and understand the frustration of learning to do things our way.

This 4 hour course will focus on perfecting the basic fundamentals and getting you a target worthy of framing!  We will also focus on each student individually to help with any corrective needs or personal adjustments that need to be made.

The final portion of class will focus on learning to balance speed and precision.

Cost is $200 per student.

Firearm rentals are available and included with course fee.

Students will need 200-250 rounds of ammo.  Ammunition is available for purchase.


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