April 26, 20218:00am-3:00pm each day5 day course
Provides 12 CertificationsAge: 21 & older
$450.00per person

For a new instructor who needs to obtain certifications

This 40 hour PPCT/HFS Threat Pattern Recognition/Use of Force Defensive Tactics course is for a new Law Enforcement instructor who needs to obtain a certification within the system. The instructor will receive an instructor manual with the latest research done on Threat Pattern Recognition. Student will receive 40 TCOLE hours.

Course Topics & 12 Instructor Certifications

  • Threat Pattern Recognition
  • Human Factors/Survival Learning Research
  • Control Principles
  • Tactical Handcuffing
  • Pressure Points Control Tactics
  • Joint Locks/Takedowns
  • Defensive Counterstrikes
  • Defensive Counterstrikes
  • Shoulder Pin
  • Impact Weapon System
  • Weapon Retention & Disarming
  • Instructor Development Protocol

This class will be held at Defender by a 3rd party Instructor. Registration and payment will be made directly to Use of Force Consultants, Inc. You will need to print and fill out the form, and fax or mail the original registration form along with your payment to the address provided.

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