What if you were caught in a real-world active threat situation and you were unarmed, had nowhere to run and no one nearby to help you? What if you had the physical skills and self-confidence to use anything you can get your hands on such as a hand-held flashlight, rolled-up magazine, toilet plunger, rolling pin, umbrella and the like to solve the problem?Course Description: Used by the professionals for specialized applications such as undercover (narcotics officers, special investigators, counter-intelligence personnel, etc.,) this two-day program of instruction provides the essential training skills necessary for immediate identification, selection, and use of improvised weapons as a defensive solution against an active threat where firearms are not an option.

Employing weapons of opportunity from three categories of non-ballistic weapons including edged weapons (knife, scissors, broken glass, etc.), impact weapons (flashlight, rolled-up magazine, broom handle, etc.,), flexible weapons (t-shirt, belt, trash can liner, purse strap, etc.) – this course teaches you immediate recognition and use of any element in your environment to be used as an improvised defensive weapon. Graduates will be able to quickly identify and effectively utilize any element of their immediate environment as a weapon of opportunity and use their Situational Awareness to control their environment as taught in Steve’s highly acclaimed book “Your Most Powerful Weapon.”