December 31, 2023Available any date/time as private lesson
Gun Rentals IncludedAge: 21 & older
Starting $150.00person

A beginner class to start the foundation of handguns

In this unique one-on-one private lesson, you will learn everything from proper range procedures to how revolvers, semi-auto & striker fire handguns work along with different kinds of ammunition. And, most importantly, we will cover the rules of safety on the range. We will also go over different carry positions and holster options for you so you are well informed and prepared.

In the second half of class you’ll be on the range where you’ll get your stance down along with grip, sight picture and trigger squeeze. We’ll also talk about how to best help your kids learn about gun safety and tips you can use at home for storing your firearms. This is a great prequel or sequel to your License to Carry Class.

Handgun rentals, eye/ear protection and target are included.

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