August 6, 20219:00am-1:00pm1 day course
Age: 21 & older
$160per person

Genuine Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga for Civilians


As the world becomes more violent, good law-abiding citizens must have the right to defend themselves and do it correctly and professionally. Learning a wide range of practical skills will help you perform better in extreme situations.

No Shots Fired teaches the Krav Maga that is being taught to Israeli special forces units and the Israeli Secret Service. Our system, based on the Israeli special forces’ Krav Maga, doesn’t require prior experience in martial arts or high physical skills. It only requires a survival instinct, which we all have. It is about mentality, the will to win, and the basic need to survive. The Israeli military doesn’t have enough time and resources to teach traditional Krav Maga, so it came up with a fast, effective method to teach any soldier, and it teaches only things that are relevant in common scenarios.

This course is designed for those who are looking for a quick and significant improvement in their self-confidence and self-defense capabilities for effective street survival.


  • Improving mental strength and self confidence
  • Learning basic combat techniques
  • Learning basic defense techniques against weapons, chokes, grabs
  • Aggressiveness drills
  • Dealing with an angry mob
  • Culminating event
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Our Instructors

Director of Training
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