July 21, 20241:00pm - 3:00pm2 hour course
Can be under 21
$125.00per person

Empower yourself with life-saving techniques

In the Women basic self defense course we are going to have 2 sections. This is an overview highlighting topics that we go into greater detail during the class.


  • Situational Awareness – learning how to evaluate your surroundings, learning how to read a room and having an exit plan.
  • Identifying Threats – identifying when a person is a threat or when a situation might become a threat and how to de-escalate and remove yourself from the problem.
  • Self Defense Tools – going over a list of different self defense weapons and items that can be used to protect yourself from non lethal to lethal.


  • Hand to hand techniques for worst case scenarios such as:
    • When someone grabs your hair from behind.
    • When someone has their hands around your throat on the feet and while on the ground when they are on top of you.
    • When someone grabs your arm.
    • When someone tries to pick you up with their hands around your waist.

Demonstrable performance is what we are driven to deliver to all that attend.

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