September 21, 20249am - 1pm4 hours
Age: 13 & older
$199.00per person

Palisade Training Group’s Surgical Speed Shooting for Ladies Only!

Surgical SpeedShooting is a four-hour block of instruction based upon the material presented in the Surefire Master Coach Program  taught by veteran firearms trainer Andy Stanford. It is designed to introduce the student to concepts associated with mastering the fundamental aspects of shooting quickly and accurately.  Students will be introduced to a series of drills developed by some of the best competitive shooters and defensive trainers in the world in order to enhance their ability to engage targets of various degrees of difficulty and number with greater speed and accuracy. Much emphasis is placed upon developing a proper grip and learning how to consistently draw the handgun from the holster in a manner that is both efficient and economical, along with how to integrate those actions with working the trigger and using the sights or red dot optic.

Equipment Needed:

  • Handgun with kydex holster
  • 200 rounds ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Cap or hat with brim
  • Three magazines and at least one magazine carrier
  • Pen and notepad


PTG instructors have in excess of 100 combined years of teaching experience and backgrounds in law enforcement and executive protection. Our specialty is church security, church security team instructor development, and managing encounters with potentially dangerous persons in public areas. We also offer instruction in the defensive use of handguns, carbines, shotguns, OC (pepper spray), edged weapons, and small impact weapons such as saps and blackjacks.

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