June 28, 20225:00pm - 7:00pm2 hours
No physical limitationsAge: 18 & older (teenagers with parents ok)
$75per person

You are your first line of defense

What would you you do if someone grabbed you by the throat? What if someone had you in a bear hug dragging you away? What if someone bumps your car at a stop sign at night and you’re alone? Are you always looking down at your phone or distracted when walking out of work or the store? When seconds matter, YOU are your first line of defense and you CAN defend yourself.

This class will empower you while you learn life saving techniques. If you always wanted to try a self-defense class but never got to, here is your chance! This class is not intended to make you an expert, but to encourage you to be aware of your personal safety, and self defense. This is for women only, and led by a female instructor. Train in a safe environment, and have fun doing it!

● Increase your situational awareness
● Learn how to effectively strike and kick
● Escape and defend against holds and chokes
● Change your mindset to find your inner WARRIOR

No Experience Necessary, and no physical condition limitations – anyone can do this! Dress comfortably and everything you need is included in the tutition fee.

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Our Instructors

Director of Training
Assistant Director of Training