October 12, 20249:00am-4:00pm each day2 Day Course
Age: 18 & older
$400per person

Join Elite Special Guest Steve Tarani for this incredible opportunity

You don’t expect your home to be invaded.

You don’t expect social or civil unrest.

You don’t expect your kids to be bullied, abducted, trafficked, or even worse when you send them off to school.

You don’t expect to be carjacked or physically assaulted when walking to or from your vehicle.

You don’t expect to be shot at while running errands or sitting at a movie theater.

However, bad things happen to good people every day. Instead of being blindsided and forced to react to such incidents, what if you could see it coming and prevent it from happening altogether? Akin to preventive medicine—a holistic approach to healthcare in preventing disease— Preventive Defense or PreFense® is a holistic approach to threat management and protection from bad things that happen to good people.

Using only your mind and good habits, PreFense® teaches you how to lower your threat profile making you less vulnerable and unattractive to predators. Learn how to identify and disrupt pre-attack behaviors before they convert to an attack. You will master how to avoid, mitigate, and defend against a physical assault using proactive and active measures. Use your environment as an extension of your awareness to manage any threat and leverage the one denominator common to and against all human predators.

PreFense® offers a treasure trove of skills and confidence to anyone concerned about their protection and that of their loved ones from current and emerging real-world threats.

There is no prerequisite for this course. If you carry a handgun and want to incorporate your defensive handgun skills into this professional program of instruction then please bring your blue/red gun (inert non-firing replica such as SIRT, AirSoft, etc) and matching OWB/IWB holster with which you can run either open or conceal carry.

Steve Tarani is a former CIA employee, Protective Programs Defensive Tactics subject matter expert and world-class educator. See Steve’s full bio here.

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