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$100.00per person

One-on-one, personalized training for any area you need

Our firearms instructors are professional, friendly and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to help you reach your goals. Allow one of our instructors to custom tailor a training curriculum to meet your firearms training needs. Private instruction is great for new shooters, intermediate shooters and experienced shooters.

During these private sessions our instructors can custom build programs for you that can begin around topics such as basic firearms operation and safety, fundamentals, rapid fire targeting, drawing from holster, low-light shooting, moving and shooting, tactical application, and competitive shooting techniques just to name a few.

Rates start at $100/hour for one on one training or $150/hour for one on one training in a private range. If you would like to get instruction in more dynamic training such as IDPA preparation or tactical/self-defense training where we will need to schedule a private bay, rates start at $150/hour.

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Our Instructors

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