August 20, 20229:00-3:00pm2 day course

Tactical Emergency First Aid with Battleline Medical Instructor Mike “Doc” Riche

Navy veteran, Tactical medic and Protective Security Specialist Mike Riche brings over 40 years of experience and a global perspective on security and threat assessment.  Mike’s numerous certifications include American Heart Association and Red Cross CPR and First Aid instructor, Stop the Bleed Instructor, Alice Training Institute and Texas State University “ALERRT” Certified Active Shooter/Incident instructor, and NRA Firearms Instructor.

Participants will be instructed in the use of commercially available and hasty tourniquets, wound packing material and pressure dressings. Other topics to include control of massive hemorrhage with pressure and hemostatic agents, airway management,  breathing, prevention of hypothermia, burns, pain control, monitoring for shock, and preparation for evacuation. An emphasis on safety and area security will be always in place.

Training will be broken up over two days, six hours each day.

Day 1: Lecture and introduction to commercially available materials and equipment for use in emergency situations. Construction and use of hasty equipment from typical materials. Self and buddy treat scenarios.

Day 2: Safety brief and room sterilization “Check for weapons and sharp objects” Active shooter scenarios with opposition force and practical applications of day one training.

All participants will be required to sign a liability waver.

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