May 14, 20229:00am-6:00pm
Age: 21 & older
$400 person

The objective of this course is to provide a working knowledge of the UTM system of products and training.

You will learn valuable force-on-force drills utilizing UTM products that can be taken back and integrated into your classes. Giving your students top notch self-defense training, as-close-to-realistic-as-possible, is what prepares them for real life deadly encounters. Contextual training is imperative to surviving life or death situations! Offering this type of training is also what separates the vast amount of firearms instructors in the over-saturated lake of experts.

After completion of this eight-hour course you will have obtained the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively utilize the full line of UTM Ammunition and Firearms Conversions in the courses you offer to civilians. You will also be provided with an overview of the UTM Force on Force Training Model which can be used to design your own force-on-force or force-on-target training in a variety of environments.

Additionally, completion of this certification course satisfies the time and cost requirements to become a UTM Certified Professional Training Organization (PTO). Becoming a PTO will give you access to purchase UTM products directly from the manufacturer and at a lower buy-in cost.

In order to successfully graduate this training and become certified, you will be required to pass a written certification exam as well as complete a brief practical “hands on” demonstration of proficiency and understanding of the skills and concepts provided during the course. Certification: UTM Certification through PS&Ed

What’s Included:

  • UTM Safety and Technology of firearms conversions and ammunition
  • Assembly, Maintenance, and trouble-shooting of UTM products
  • Designing and effectively using the UTM training model across disciplines (Firearms, Tactics, DT)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • UTM Portable Training Facility (PTF)
  • Application of UTM for more than Force-on-Force ( MTFOF)

What’s Needed:

  • Attendance Requirements: Certified Instructor (NRA, USCCA, etc)
  • Two layers of loose fitting clothes (no exposed skin) IE: BDUs
  • Thick gloves that you can shoot with
  • Clear Safety Glasses
  • Thick Neck Gaiter/Scarf (optional but highly advised)
  • Groin Protection (optional but advised)
  • Note-taking materials
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