July 13, 2024 | 12pm-4pm

We’re excited to host our 3rd Annual Defenderpalooza event and having you join us for a really fun and jam-packed day.


You will be receiving the logistics form via Adobe Sign for you to complete and return back to us. Please read through and answer thoroughly. We utilize this form to plan and allocate resources accordingly so the more information we have, the better experience customers will have and the better opportunity you will have to engage with customers.


As an added incentive, we are offering optional sponsorship packages. The sponsorship package comes with pretty sweet perks! (Please note, this is totally optional, you do not have to do a package to participate.)

Title Sponsorship Package – $5,000 – All spots filled

    • Prime Floor Spot
    • Reserved Parking Spot
    • Dedicated Advertising for Your Brand – Radio, Digital & Print
    • Premiere Lunch for You & Attending Associates
    • One Year Lane Sponsorship (includes lane signage and advertising on facility screens)

Vendor Sponsorship Package – $3,000 

    • Prime Floor Spot
    • Advertising for Your Brand – Digital & Print
    • Premiere Lunch for You & Attending Associates
    • One Year Lane Sponsorship (includes lane signage and advertising on facility screens)

Product in kind accepted. Please note sponsorship price does not include giveaways or swag items. For more details and to sign up for a sponsorship package, please email Matt at


If you plan to participate in any giveaways please let us know if the giveway item(s) will either be a random drawing, or a winning prize for a competition. All tables with giveaways will have a unique QR code printed for easy entering. This also provides a fun way for you to interact with customers as they enter to win. Please note, all giveaway item(s) must be listed in detail on the Logistics form, and the giveway item(s) must be physically present at Defender Outdoors at least one week prior to the event. If you are unable to provide the product until the day of the event, the enter to win QR code will not be present at your table until the giveway product is accounted for. Your giveways item(s) will be included in our advertising and marketing campaigns.


Demos are a really fun and exciting way to firsthand share with customers the value of your product(s). If you do have product(s) to demo please list in detail on the Logistics form and plan to have multiple reps available to help facilitate range use. Our Range Safety Manager and RSO’s will help coordinate your demo to provide a great and efficient experience for you and the customers. We are shutting down all ranges to the public so we can accommodate for manufacturer demos and we encourage you to take advantage of it! Rifle and pistol lanes will be available.


Last year we participated in a digital, radio, print, and email marketing campaigns to raise awareness for the event. Please consider participating with co-op funds as we plan to utilize every radio station this year. Also, if you have pop up tents and flags available to set up outside, you are welcome and encouraged to bring them to advertise your brand.

Please forward all communication and information to any reps attending besides yourself. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the team at or

We truly appreciate you and we are excited and looking forward to hosting this awesome event with you!