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Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Wednesday: 10am – 8pm
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Sunday: 10am – 6pm

2900 Shotts St.
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: 817.935.8377

Come and visit the best kept secret in Fort Worth, where you’re not a customer, you’re a guest! We’re located just 2 miles west of Downtown Fort Worth, near the intersection of University Drive and White Settlement Road. 

We stock almost everything! Pistols, rifles, optics, ammo, tactical & hunting apparel, knives, flashlights…you name it.  New shooters, advanced shooters, law enforcement or hunters – we have you covered and welcome your business.  If we don’t have what you want in stock, we’ll get it in for you quickly and with no shipping charges. Give us a chance to price your next purchase – we won’t be beat on price and we’ll do everything in our power to earn your business. If you can’t make it down to see us in person, visit us online at

We offer firearm transfers at our Fort Worth location.

-FFL Transfers (non-members) – $25.00 per transfer

-Private Sale Background Checks – $50.00 per check

-Third Party NFA Transfers – $100 per Form 4

** All FFL transfers must be picked up within 15 days of arrival.  As a courtesy, Defender Outdoors will notify you when the item arrives. Shipping and tracking information should be sent to you from the transferring dealer or individual. After the first 15 days, Defender Outdoors will charge you storage fee of an additional $15. After 30 days, an additional $15 charge will be added. After 60 days, Defender Outdoors will return the item to the sender. You will still be responsible for the storage and shipping costs.  Transfers to Defender Outdoors is at the customer’s own risk and Defender Outdoor is not responsible for any loss or damage to transferred firearms.  Seller is responsible for acquiring Defender’s FFL by requesting via**

Try Before You Buy

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Tired of waiting for your firearm repair to be completed? Tired of calling your gunsmith time and again only to find out your firearm is still working its way through the “backlog”? Tired of poor communication and unexpected costs? Then look no further – Defender Outdoors is the new solution for gunsmithing in Fort Worth!

Defender Outdoors is excited to bring a full-service gunsmith operation to Fort Worth. Our gunsmith staff has the skill, knowledge and experience to complete all of your firearm repair, maintenance, cleaning and customization needs. We take pride in doing the job right the first time and on-time. Bring your firearm by our location at 2900 Shotts St. today for a free estimate. Give us a chance to earn your gunsmithing business. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we warranty all of our repairs!

** Flat repair rates apply to certain repairs. This is just a sample of our rates and services – please stop by or call us with questions about additional rates and all of the services we provide.

Bore Sighting: $24.95
Scope Mount(free with scope purchase): $24.95
Trigger Install (drop in types): $44.95
Trigger Job: $74.95
Handgun Site Replacement: $19.95
Muzzle Brake Installation: $89.95
Kick Pad Fitting and Installation: $74.95
Handgun Action/Trigger Jobs: $149.99
Grip Stippling: starting at $74.95
Cerakote: starting at $94.95


Clean firearms are safer, more accurate, less likely to malfunction, and just plain look pretty – but who has time to clean their guns? Defender Outdoors is excited to be the first to bring a commercial ultrasonic firearm and suppressor cleaning service to Fort Worth at our store located at 2900 Shotts Street . Ultrasonic cleaning is the safest and most effective method of firearm cleaning and restoration, and is used by many law enforcement agencies, security firms and military bases to keep their firearms performing at the highest level. Now it’s available to you!

  • Our certified gunsmith will break your pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun or suppressor down to its individual components.
  • All metal and polymer components will be thoroughly scrubbed by hand in our parts washer to remove large deposits of dirt, carbon and unburned powder.
  • The components will then be transferred to our ultrasonic cleaner’s heated cleaning tank where they will soak in a heated biodegradable cleaning solution.
  • The cleaning solution is agitated by an electrical transducer, which creates waves in the cleaning solution and causes tiny vacuum bubbles to form and implode on the surface of the components, removing even microscopic dirt and carbon particles.
  • The components are then removed from the cleaning solution and transferred to a lubricant tank where they will soak in a firearm lubricant and rust inhibitor.
  • After removal from the lubricant tank, the components are dried and inspected. The firearm or suppressor is then reassembled and function tested.
  • Wood stocks and other parts will be cleaned and polished by hand.
  • Let us do the dirty work – no more tedious and time-consuming hand cleaning and scrubbing.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning will reach and clean the hardest to reach cracks, grooves and crevices and effectively removes surface rust, unburned powder, carbon, lint, oil, dirt and contaminants.
  • Gentle biodegradable cleaning solution will not harm finishes or remove bluing.
  • Lubricant and rust inhibitor ensures that all components are properly lubricated and protected to extend the life and improve the performance of your firearm.
  • Maintains accuracy, integrity and effectiveness of firearms for longer periods – make sure it functions when it really counts!
  • Thoroughly cleans and protects your barrel, bolt group, firing mechanism, trigger group, frame, receiver, suppressor baffles and all other various parts and tubes.
  • In most cases, restores your firearm or suppressor to like new or better than new condition.
  • Protects your investment.
  • Are you experiencing any of the following firearm malfunctions? Ultrasonic cleaning may be the solution.
  • Light primer strikes
  • Suppressor carbon lock
  • Failure to extract
  • Failure to feed
  • Failure to fire
  • Failure to eject/stove pipe
  • After a hunt, shoot or trip to the range – Defender Outdoors’ ultrasonic cleaning is quick, convenient and affordable for regular firearm cleaning and maintenance.
  • Deep cleaning – you know it’s time!
  • Firearm restoration – bring us your neglected, abused, rusted, caked-on, fouled-up, dirty firearm for an affordable service that will restore your firearm and help protect it for the future.
Pistols and Revolvers: $34.95
AR Style Rifles: $54.95
Long Guns (Rifles, Semi-Auto Shotguns): $54.95
Double Guns (Over/Under or Side by Side shotguns): $54.95

At Defender Outdoors, providing great customer service means everything to us. With all ultrasonic cleanings we strive to have your cleaning completed within 3 business days of receipt or less. In some cases our turnaround times may be longer. If it will take longer than 3 business days to complete your cleaning, we will clearly communicate a completion date to you and we will live or die by that date. If we don’t, your cleaning is free**.
**Guaranteed or its Free only applies to fully functioning firearms in good working order. We cannot guarantee a completion date in the event your firearm requires repairs above and beyond a clean & oil service.



We offer firearm transfers at our Fort Worth location. Our firearm transfers are $25 for non-members and $10 for members. NFA transfers are $150. All firearms purchased on our website can be shipped to store and no transfer fee will be incurred.


Defender Outdoors is a Class III dealer! We carry suppressors from Surefire, SilencerCo, Gemtech, Dead Air, AAC and more. Come and see us or give us a call with any of your Class III questions. Our Class III experts will help you understand how you can legally obtain a suppressor or short-barreled rifle and will walk you through the tax stamp filing process to ensure your paperwork is filed right the first time. For additional questions concerning NFA items email:

We are a Silencer Shop Dealer. To shop, click here.

NFA Transfer Status
In order to get the status of your transfer from the ATF, you can call the NFA Branch directly at: (304) 616-4500.
When you call, they will ask for your name (or the name of your trust or corporation), the serial number of the suppressor, and the name of the transferor.
For the transferor information, please use the name we sent you in the confirmation email when your electronic transfer was submitted.
Once they get your information, they’ll confirm you’re in the system and will probably give you an estimate for when to expect the approval. Remember that they don’t really know exactly when your transfer will be approved – so take the estimate for what it is. (In the past these estimates have been off dramatically, both long and short.)
If you want to check how long the approvals we’re currently getting are taking, please check this page for today’s updated wait times.
If your application was submitted on a paper form, remember that it can take 2-4 weeks for the NFA examiner to mail the approved application to us; so, it’s possible they’ll tell you the application is approved before you hear from us. We’ll let you know as soon as we receive it so you can pick up your suppressor.
Finally, remember that the time will often pass faster if you try to forget about it. Believe it or not, that magic approval will show up when you’re least expecting it.