Defender Outdoors Shooting Center also has talented gun appraisal and sales staff that can help you sell your gun collection, estate guns, or consignment sales. We work with you to find the best strategy to sell your firearms for the best price that meets your timetable. As Fort Worth’s premier shooting destination, we have thousands ofEstate Gun Sale featuring collector firearms at Defender Outdoors Shooting Center in Fort Worth buyers walk through our door every month.

Sell Your Gun Collection

Sometimes you collect more guns than you have room in your safe. Or, you’ve been collecting firearms for years and want to liquidate a lot of your collection to purchase something new. Instead of heading to a pawn shop, bring your gun collection to Defender Outdoors

Our sales staff can appraise your collection and find the best way to turn them into cash. Whether by a lot sale or consignment sales, we can work with you to sell off your gun collection and pad your wallet!

Buying Estate Guns and Gun Collection Sales

That’s right, we’ve handled hundreds of estate gun sales, consignment sales, and gun collection sales for our members. With so many gun collections and estate sales happening under our roof, we’ve constantly got amazing sales on antique, high-end, collector, and hard-to-find guns you won’t find at your typical gun store!

Our members often get the first opportunity for these massive sales, so we suggest a membership for access to these exclusive private sales. But you don’t have to be a member of Defender Outdoors Shooting Center to take advantage of our estate gun sales! We regularly post about upcoming lot sales on our social media accounts and through our email list. You can also find some amazing consignment guns for sale in our Retail Space! Ask any of our helpful sales staff and they can show you to our consignment and estate gun collection.