Don’t have time for a round of Sporting Clays? 5 stand to the rescue! We’ve drastically improved our 5 stand facility and we’re proud to show it off to our shooters. 5 Stand is perfect for warm-ups, lessons, and even competitions. No golf cart needed, you’ll shoot from a set of five stands all under one comfortable roof. The traps are placed in challenging locations and you won’t get bored easily.

Five Stand is enjoyable at all skill levels, and those with mobility issues will especially enjoy 5 stand. If you’ve never shot 5 Stand before, we encourage you to give it a try: You might just find your new favorite pastime!

5 stand is the ideal way to get the most practice quickly.
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five stand at clay sports ranch

5 Stand Pricing

Sporting Clays & Five Stand
$0.58 per target$58 per 100 targetsNon Member Price
$0.46 per target$46 per 100 targets
(after free targets)
Member Price