Ever want to shoot a machine gun? Now you can at Defender Outdoors Shooting Center! We have a constantly rotating selection of fully automatic handguns and rifles that you can rent and shoot at our Fort Worth shooting range! If you’ve never shot full auto before, our helpful Range Officers will walk you through the process of loading, aiming, shooting, and handling an automatic firearm safely so you can have a blast!

Full auto machine gun rental in Fort Worth at Defender Outdoors Shooting Center
Full Auto Machine Gun Rentals in Fort Worth

Defender Outdoors Shooting Center is one of the only places you can rent and shoot Full Auto firearms in Fort Worth. We work hard to keep our machine guns fully operational and safe for use. Our collection of automatic firearms changes regularly but we often have full-auto ARs, AK-47s, HK MP5, and more. Stop by our shooting range in Fort Worth to check out our selection and book some range time with one of our rental guns!

Full Auto Friday at Defender Outdoors

The best deal in town for shooting machine guns is Full Auto Friday at Defender Outdoors! This special promotion happens on most Fridays throughout the year and offers a rental of a fully automatic firearm, a magazine of ammunition, and range time for one low price. Want to do a bunch of mag dumps? No problem! Talk to your range officer and you’ll be able to shoot until your heart’s content! This is easily the best way to shoot full auto in Fort Worth! You can shoot as many guns as you want and pay by the magazine, saving you money and offering a shooting experience like no other!

Wow. that was amazing”
Literally everyone who shoots full auto