Repairs, Cleaning, Set-Up... We do it all.

Defender Outdoors Shooting Center offers gunsmithing services for on-site modifications, repairs, and cleanings of nearly any firearm. Our professional gunsmith services are fast, affordable and reliable! Check below for prices for common services, or use the form and we'll send you a quote on any work you may need.


Gunsmith Prices


  • Defender Base Clean$25.00
  • Handgun DCOA (disassemble, clean, oil, assemble)$100.00
  • Semi-Auto/Pump Shotgun DCOA$125.00
  • Double Barrel Shotgun DCOA$150.00
  • Rifle DCOA$125.00
  • Storage fee for firearms left 30 days past notification$60.00 
  • General Shop Rate$80.00 

Optics and Testing

  • Scope Mount$30.00
  • Scope Bore Sight$15.00
  • Scope Mount and Sight-in$80.00
  • Diagnostic (estimate, 30 min labor, testing)$80.00
  • Test Fire Fee (Handgun/Rifle)$10/$15
  • Shipping (one way)$30.00 
  • Handling (packing, boxing, labeling for transport) $30.00 
  • Research fee$80.00 

Handgun Services

  • Sight Install$50.00
  • Drop in trigger install (ZEV, APEX, Powder River, etc.)$80.00
  • Trigger Install & Fitting$125.00
  • RMR Install & Range Sight In$50.00
  • Revolver Trigger Work (starting price + parts)$80.00
  • Hand Fitting Any PartsHourly Rate

Rifle Services

  • Assembly of Complete Rifle$120.00
  • Assembly of Upper or Lower Receiver$60.00
  • Trigger Group Installation$30.00
  • Install Free Float Rail$50.00
  • Check AR-15 Homebuild$70.00
  • Install Muzzle Brake or Flash Hider$40.00