Defender Outdoors prides itself on having the most accessible training staff in the Metroplex. With 4 on-staff trainers and dozens of classes offered each month, you’re guaranteed to find the type of training you need.

Our diversified staff can handle all levels of training. If you’re just starting out and are curious about firearms, whether for personal defense or looking to dive into a new sport, then we can match you with a trainer that can walk you through everything from gun selection to safe and accurate shooting. For those looking to improve their skills, we have instructors that can help you achieve your shooting goals and enhance your marksmanship. If you’re more experienced and looking to get to the next level, you’ll get the chance to work alongside trainers with years of tactical experience in the armed forces. All skill levels are welcome to come and train at Defender Outdoors and we look forward to working with you and sharing our love of the shooting sports.

Edwina Parker
Director of Training


Whether you prefer one-on-one lessons, private group training, or open seminar classes, Defender Outdoors offers many ways for you to get the instruction that you need in the way that helps you learn the best!

Defender Outdoors also brings in talented instructors from all over the U.S. to teach exclusive classes and specialty training courses.

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Meet the Team

Learn about our team of training professionals and their specialties!

Director of Training
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