Suppressor Checklist and Overview

Here’s an overview checklist of the process. Everything can be done in store at the Shooting Center! Please plan for the process to take about an hour.

  1. Purchase a Suppressor
  2. Create a Silencer Shop Account
  3. Purchase a Tax Stamp
    • $205
  4. Purchase a Trust (Optional)
    • $25 or $130
    • You can have it notarized at UPS. Defender does not provide notary services at this time
  5. Submit fingerprints using Silencer Shop Kiosk
    • Located at the Shooting Center
  6. Create an ATF e-file account
    • Save ATF Username, Password, and 4-digit pin code for the certification process
  7. Certify your e-forms
    • You will be notified via email once your forms are ready to certify, takes a few days after completing your ATF e-file account
    • You can come in store after receiving the email during business hours to certify, this method is preferred
    • If you chose to certify over the phone, we will contact you to set up a time, you must have access to a computer (no iPads or cell phones)
  8. Wait for ATF determination of your application
    • Unfortunately, we cannot check the status of your application, you must contact the ATF directly at (304)616-4500 to check the status
    • The current wait times are 180-200 days and are subject to change
  9. Once approved you will receive an email notification with your Tax Stamp
    • You may pick up your suppressor anytime during business hours, no appointment needed