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Brief info

Travis is the President of the Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch. He has been a competitive shooter since he was 9 years old and has won numerous Youth, Collegiate, and then Professional Circuit awards. Now, he shares his knowledge and passion through the Clay Sports Ranch.

The shotgun sports are a passion for many; the same is true for Travis Mears.  At a young age of 9 years old Travis started his competitive career and has continued to follow his passion.

Travis has competed on many different levels within the sport.  He started with the youth shooting programs such as 4-H and SCTP and then moved on to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO as a scholarship shooter.  While at Lindenwood Travis took part in 5 National Team Championships, 12 Individual Collegiate National Championships and completed his undergrad and MBA.  After moving back to Texas, Travis continued his career shooting Sporting Clays and traveling putting on Exhibition Shows on the weekends, while devoting his weeks to his wife Raelynn and business career.

Now at 31 years old, Travis and Raelynn have a daughter and son and he is the President of Fort Worth, Texas’ premier shotgun range, Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch.  Travis is continuing to share his passion of the shooting sports through his range, sporting clays and exhibition shooting.  When he’s not shooting, Travis enjoys Hunting and spending time with his wife and kids. Travis is a resident of Aledo, Tx.

When struggling with a target presentation when practicing sporting clays, I’ll drop the gun to My hip and instinctively shoot the target.  Trusting instinct and hand eye coordination, this often provides me with the needed target information to be able to hit it from the shoulder.Travis Mears, President

Awards and Achievements:

  • 200+ Shooting Exhibition Shows Nationwide
  • 10 time NSCA All American Team
  • 4 time Professional Sporting Clay Association (PSCA) Pro Shooter
  • 2 time ACUI International Wobble Trap National Champion
  • 2 time ACUI Sporting Clays National Champion
  • 2 time NSCA Junior All American Team Captain
  • 2011 National Championship 5-stand National Champion
  • 2010 ACUI Collegiate High Over All Champion
  • 2010 ACUI International Skeet National Champion
  • 2010 ACUI Combined Trap Events National Champion
  • 2010 NRA collegiate All American Captain
  • 2009 NSCA 5-stand National Champion Runner Up
  • 2008 ACUI Five Stand National Champion
  • 2005 NSCA Junior Nationals 5 Stand National Champion
  • 2005 NSCA Team USA Gold Medalist
  • 2004 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Gold Medalist
  • 3 Time Texas State 4-H High Overall Champion
  • 5-Time NSSF SCTP Gold Medal team member in Sporting Clays and Skeet
  • Junior Olympics – two-time Silver Medalist in Doubles Trap

Areas of Private Instruction:

  • Shotgun Shooting
  • Sporting Clays


To setup a training session please feel free to email Travis at, and let’s get your training on the right track.