FFL and NFA Policies


All FFL transfers must be picked up within 30 days of arrival. Shipping and tracking information should be sent to you from the transferring dealer or individual. Please allow us up to 24 hours to receive the item into our books. Once it’s ready we’ll call you notifying you your transfer is ready for pick-up. After the first 30 days, Defender Outdoors will charge you a storage fee of $10. At 60 days an additional $10 charge will be added. After 90 days Defender Outdoors will return the item to the sender. You will still be responsible for the storage and shipping costs. Transfers to Defender Outdoors is at the customer’s own risk and Defender Outdoors is not responsible for any loss or damage to transferred firearms. The seller is responsible for acquiring Defender’s FFL by requesting via FFL@defenderoutdoors.com. We will not send our FFL to an individual, only to another dealer with a valid FFL.

Individual transfers follow the same guidelines as an FFL Transfer. The sender must notify us prior to sending firearms and send a good photo copy of a valid government issued ID card.

Photos will be taken of boxes appeared to be damaged during shipment.

FFL Transfer fee – $35.00

$10 storage fee a month after initial 30 days unless prior arrangements have been made or getting deployed.


Defender Outdoors is a Class III Dealer. We carry suppressors from Surefire, SilencerCo, Gemtech, Dead Air, AAC and more. Come see us or give us a call with any of your Class III questions. Our Class III experts will help you understand how you can legally obtain a suppressor or short-barreled rifle.  We will walk you through the tax stamp filing process to ensure your paperwork is filed right the first time.

For additional questions concerning NFA items email: nfa@defenderoutdoors.com.

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NFA Transfer Status

In order to get the status of your transfer from the ATF, you can call the NFA Branch directly at (304) 616-4500. When you call, they will ask for your name (or the name of your trust or corporation), the serial number of the suppressor, and the name of the transferor (Defender Outdoors). Once they get your information, they’ll confirm you’re in the system and will tell where they are on your Form 4, pending, waiting on background, etc. Remember that they don’t really know exactly when your transfer will be approved – so if they give you one take the estimate for what it is. (In the past these estimates have been off dramatically, both long and short.)

If you want to check how long the approvals we’re currently getting are taking, please call the store at 817-935-8377 for today’s updated wait times. If your application was submitted on a paper form, remember that it can take 2-4 weeks for the NFA examiner to mail the approved application to us; so, it’s possible they’ll tell you the application is approved before you hear from us. We’ll let you know as soon as we receive it so you can pick up your suppressor.

Finally, remember that the time will often pass faster if you try to forget about it. Believe it or not, that magic approval will show up when you’re least expecting it.

NFA transfer fee – $120

$10 a month storage fee after initial 30 days unless prior arrangements have been made or getting deployed.

Click here for the Suppressor Checklist & Overview for important information.

Private Party

Private Party transfer fee $35.00

Payment due before the transfer is made and will not be acquired until background check (if necessary) is passed.